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Maccor offers calibration services for existing Maccor test systems. All calibration service work is conducted in accordance with Maccor”s standard recommendations and practices for system maintenance and calibration. All works are carried out by Maccor trained and qualified service engineers. Following our visit we will issue a service report and a traceable calibration certificate and channel verification printout. All calibrations are traceable to NIST standards.

The following list details some of the key items that may be checked during a Service and Calibration visit. The service engineer will conduct the applicable checks dependent upon actual system configuration and status. This list is a summary of the main points covered.

Tester Hardware

  • Airflow blowers and airflow routes – Checked & Lubricated as applicable.
  • Air Filter(s) – Checked & Cleaned or replacements highlighted.
  • Cabinet Area - Visual check for cleanliness and security.
  • Re-Calibration of all channels.
  • Logic & main system Power Supplies – Checked and Adjusted as required.
  • Charge / Discharge power supplies – Checked and Adjusted as required.
  • AC Power connections - Checked and Adjusted as required.
  • UPS Supplies – Checked & short discharge conducted if installed.
  • System Watchdog Jumper settings – Checked as required.
  • Verification checks of all channels to ensure operation within specifications.
  • Calibration Certificate Issued.

PC Computer & Software

  • Running or installed applications – Checked & Removed as necessary.
  • Check & Defragment Hard Disk.
  • Scandisk / Check Hard Disk.
  • Install applicable software updates.
  • Hardware & Software Configurations – Checked.
  • Backup Calibration & Configuration Data.
  • System settings, board settings, calibration slopes & offsets – Checked.

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