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Maccor’s Windows© based software suite combines sophistication, control, and high speed data acquisition and analysis into a simple to use package. The software suite consists of six applications:

  • MacTest32 - the interface between the operator and the hardware
  • BuildTest - the organized menu driven test editor
  • ViewData - the data file viewer
  • MIMSClient - the powerful graphical and statistical data analysis tool
  • MIMSServer - the automatic data backup tool
  • MaccorCalibration - the easy way to calibrate and verify system performance

Each of these applications are described in greater detail below.


As mentioned above, MacTest32 is the interface between the operator and the hardware. MacTest32 constantly monitors the status of each test position in the system and records key information. The main three screens of the software are described below:

Main Screen

From the main screen the rich features offered are at the click of button. Features include:

  • start and stop single or groups of tester channels
  • view the state of all positions in the system
  • enter the intermediate or detail screens for real-time readings
  • execute MIMS Client to graph active or completed test data
  • launch Build Test to create or edit test procedures
Intermediate Screen

The intermediate screen displays real-time readings for a block of tester channels. The readings include:

  • cycle number
  • test step
  • channel status (charge, discharge, rest, etc.)
  • current
  • voltage
  • channel state (active, available, suspended, etc.)
  • test procedure
  • data file name
Detail Screen

The detail screen provides all of the information contained in the intermediate screen plus additional detailed real-time information for any single test channel. The available information includes:

  • channel specifications (e.g., maximum current, voltage range)
  • real-time channel readings
  • active test procedure details
  • view readings of auxiliary inputs assigned to tester channel
  • suspend or resume tester channel
  • strip chart
  • view the test data recorded for the channel
  • view data from SMBus packs on channels configured with SMBus hardware

Build Test

With its grid layout and menu-driven cells, writing test procedures with Build Test is extremely simple. When certain cells are selected, a dropdown menu appears allowing only valid entries to be made. Test steps consist of a series of rows with the columns being parameters for each step. Features of Build Test include:

  • built-in integrated syntax error checker
  • multiple end conditions for each step allowing conditional branching
  • insert or delete test steps
  • edit the goto (next step) for each end criteria
  • set limit values for individual steps
  • automatically shift from one mode to another without having to program another step
  • enter up to an 80 character note for each step

View Data

View Data reads data files and displays the data records of the file. Features include:

  • search the data file
  • filter records to extract key information
  • scroll through the file to view data record-by-record
  • print or save as text data records
  • customize display headers, units, and column order

MIMS Client

The MIMS Client is a powerful statistical and analysis tool. With this application, evaluating test data is a breeze. The MIMS Client charts (graphs) test data or displays a statistical table for a single or group of data files. Features include the following:

  • overlay several data files on one chart
  • create several charts for side-by-side viewing
  • customize chart axis (font, color, format, etc.)
  • add a header and/or footer to charts
  • view different chart types simultaneously
  • print or save presentation quality charts
  • save chart settings as a template for future charts
  • view, print, or save test procedure stored in data file
  • zoom to examine chart in greater detail
  • scroll through the chart
  • generate and print reports
  • add annotation to charts
  • add lines to charts
  • set line types, colors, and data markers
  • view the entire data file or only points used to create the chart view
  • and much more

MIMS Server

The MIMS Server automatically gathers test data from multiple systems to a local hard drive creating a back-up of the raw binary data, an indexed data file, and optionally an ASCII data file. Users analyzing data using the MIMS Client program can access this now centralized data. Additionally, the MIMS Server can add key test data to the MIMS Database. Features include the following:

  • connect all of Maccor’s test systems to one MIMS Server PC
  • automatically back-up data files to a single hard-drive
  • automatically back-up system configurations and settings
  • create MIMS Indexed data files for increased file access
  • optionally create ASCII files
  • add data to the MIMS Database
  • configure to automatically print “End of Test” reports


The calibration software is both efficient and simple to use. A single or group of channels can be automatically calibrated—with appropriate cables—with little operator intervention. Once the tester channels are connected calibration and verification is performed by the software allowing the operator to perform other tasks. Features include the following:

  • calibrate one or a large group of channels
  • select a mode (charge and/or discharge) and any combination of ranges
  • perform pre-calibration (“as found”) and post-calibration (“as-left”) verifications
  • view the pass/fail activity in real time
  • print detailed verification reports upon completion    +1 918 446 1874
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