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The multifunction Series 4600A Automated Test Systems have been engineered to provide high capabilities for large scale single cell testing at a very economical price. Each test position: Operates independently of the other positions; Can be user programmed to run a wide range of multi-step tests; Can be user programmed to operate in steps of constant current, constant power, constant voltage, or constant resistance.

The Series 4600A is supplied as a complete turnkey system with PC computer and software. Each system is available from a desktop model to large test and quality control models with thousands of test positions. Desktop models are usually available from stock.

Powered by Maccor’s standard test system software and utilizing similar technology as found in Maccor’s high-precision Series 4000 Automated Test System, the Series 4600s are ideal for today’s testing standards. During the test, data is recorded at operator specified intervals. At any time during the test, data can be viewed or plotted. Custom data handling interfaces or user interfaces are available as options.

The Model 4600A has a Phoenix connector interface with horizontal cell configuration providing a dense and compact configuration. Each cabinet (standard 19” rack) can handle up to 192 test positions. The Model 4600 is also available in a desktop cabinet with 32-test positions per cabinet, multiple desktop cabinets can be controlled from a single PC.

The Model 4650A has a Powerpole® interface with vertical cell configuration. The 4650A has a slightly larger footprint than the 4600A, each cabinet can be configured with as many as 256 test positions.

For production and quality control systems, test positions can be accessed remotely with a PC over a network interface allowing the operator to view, start, and stop tests directly at the cell interface. For more information contact Maccor’s Sales Department.


Number of Test Channels: 32 to 256 per system
Voltage Measurement Range:0 V to +5 V
Voltage Accuracy:±5 mV
Minimum Discharge Voltage:0.2 volts or 0.35 × Current, whichever is greater
Voltage Resolution:16 bit
Current Range:3.75A, 2.5A, 1A, 500mA, 250mA, 150mA, or 20mA
Current Accuracy:±0.05% of Full Scale Current
Current Resolution:16 bit
Time Resolution:50 mS
Minimum Step Time:500 mS
Data Recording Rate:200 data points per second per system standard
Operating Modes:Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power, Constant Resistance
Number of Steps per Test:18 standard with subroutines    +1 918 446 1874
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