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Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment products include the following: Series 4000 Automated Test System - high precision primary and secondary cell test system; Model 4200 Desktop Automated Test System; Model 4300 Desktop Automated Test System; Model 4304 Desktop Automated Test System; Model 4400 Automated Test System; Model 4600 Desktop Automated Test System.


Primary Cell Testers

Two main products have been specifically designed for primary cell testing, the Series 3600 and the Series 3650. These products combine function and density to provide an affordable solution to meet the increasing demands of primary cell tests.


Formation Equipment

Maccor’s formation equipment consists of 512 cell position modules. Each formation system can have from one to four modules yielding 2,048 position cell formation systems; multiple systems can be integrated into a larger facility.



The Maccor Series 4000, Model 4200, and Model 4300 Automated Test Systems can be configured with an M option. This option adds a Multiplexer to the test system which allows a Princeton Applied Research or Solartron Analytical impedance analyzer to be integrated with the test system.



Maccor’s 32-bit software is both powereful and easy to use. In the event Maccor’s standard software does not meet your detailed needs, custom features and options may be purchased to your specifications.



System options may be purchased with the test system or in most cases added in the field by a Maccor field service engineer. System options include: Reference Voltage Inputs, Thermocouple Inputs, RTD Inputs, Thermistor Inputs, Pressure Inputs, LED Status Indicators, SMBus Reading Capability, Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, External Charge Controllers, External Load Controllers, Telecom Pulsing, and Muli-Slot Pulsing.    +1 918 446 1874
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