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Advanced Lithium Cell Formation System

The Series 5302 is the latest in a series of computerized cell formation systems from Maccor, designed primarily for use in the formation of Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer secondary batteries. New advanced features provide a greater flexibility and range of use compared with previous designs. This additional capability is even achieved at a reduced cost.

The features in this new design allow the Series 5302 to be used for final cell development, pilot line production, high volume production and production Quality Control applications. The Series 5302 can be supplied as electronics-only with cabling for connecting to existing cell fixtures or it can be supplied as a complete turnkey system. The Series 5302 includes PC computer and software, once AC power and other utilities are connected the system is ready for use.

System Features and Functions

  • Charge Constant Current to a Voltage limit, then Constant Voltage to a Current limit in a single step with a smooth transition from Constant Current to Constant Voltage.
  • End of Charge or Discharge based on Time, Voltage, Current, Amp-Hour, Watt-Hour, ½ Cycle Amp-Hour, or ½ Cycle Watt-Hour.
  • Each cell progresses individually through all steps of the formation program.
  • The system can be programmed to record data on every cell as fast as every once per minute.
  • Data Records Include: Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity (Ah), Energy (Wh), Cycle.
  • With a Server PC running MIMS Server Application, automatically print reports, back-up and process the data.
  • Each formation schedule can have up to 18 test steps with subroutines.
  • Cells can be graded based on performance, using grade profiles. At the end of the formation, individual cell grades can be printed or stored electronically for further processing.
  • Flexible equipment to meet changing needs. Combine channels in parallel to increase current capability of test positions (the number of cell positions is decreased accordingly).
  • The PC computer stores the system status on power failure. When power is restored, the system status can be uploaded to the formation system, and formation continued from where it was suspended.


Number of Test Channels: 512 to > 100,000
Voltage Measurement Range:0 V to +5 V
Voltage Accuracy:±5 mV
Minimum Discharge Voltage:depends on configuration, consult Maccor
Voltage Resolution:16 bit
Maximum Current3.75A Full Scale ±3.75 mA
Current Resolution:16 bit
Time Resolution:500 mS
Minimum Step Time:1 minute
Data Recording Rate:200 data points per second per system standard
Operating Modes:Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power, Constant Resistance
Number of Steps per Test:18 standard with subroutines
Digital I/O:7 inputs and 8 outputs available for control purposes, for each set of 512 cells
AC Power Input:180-264 V or 360-500 V, 3 phase, 47-63 Hz
Other current capacities and voltage specifications are available as custom built equipment, consult Maccor for details.    +1 918 446 1874
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