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+ Temperature Chamber

Compact bench top temperature provides a simple and economical solution for integrating temperature dependent testing with a Maccor Automated Test System.


  • Addressable Chamber Controllers allowing you to integrate up to 32 chambers into a single Maccor automated test system.
  • Chamber temperature can be set directly from Maccor’s Test System Software as a test step in the procedure.
  • Compact design allows the chamber to easily fit onto a bench top.
  • If bench top and floor space are limited the 7U height and compact design makes it possible to stack up to four chambers in a standard 19” industrial rack cabinet.
  • Non-conducting powder coated interior.


Number of Chambers per PC: 1 to 32
Temperature Range
Heat/Cool10° to 100° C
Temperature Uniformity:± 0.8° C
Temperature Accuracy:± 0.8° C
AC Input:120 VAC @ 60Hz or 230VAC @ 50Hz, 1 phase
External Dimensions:12.25” Tall, 18.5” Wide, 30” Deep
Internal Dimensions:6” Tall, 14” Wide, 10” Deep    +1 918 446 1874
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