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Maccor Auto-Calibrator


The Auto-Calibrator (for use with 5 volt / 5 amp multi-range channels) verifies and calibrates current and voltage with a click of a button. The powerful Auto-Calibrator software lets you connect up to 96 channels at once, with appropriate cable sets, and calibrate with virtually no other intervention. Upon completion a calibration verification report is available and can be saved or printed.

Maccor Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Test systems are designed to detect power outages and avoid losing any data when a UPS is used on the logic power supplies and tester PC. The system can then be user configured to restart a suspended test when power is restored or wait for user intervention depending on the length of the power outage.

Maccor Interface Shelves

Interface Shelves

Shelves for the cabinet’s interface are available as an option. Shelves reduce the cabling needed by allowing you to test the devices at the tester interface.

Maccor Adjustable Cell Holders

Adjustable Cylindrical Cell Holders

The adjustable cylindrical cell holder may be mounted on the cabinet’s interface or remotely. The cell holder is 8-positions per cell holder and is adjustable from button to 18650 cell sizes.

Maccor Coin/Button Cell Holder

Coin/Button Cell Holder

The coin/button cell holder is adjustable for a variety of coin cell diameters. With a thumb screw terminal on one end and a spring loaded terminal on the other it makes perfect contact every time. These cell holders are mounted on a circuit board and plug-in directly to the cabinet’s interface.

Maccor Molded Kelvin Cell Holder

Molded Kelvin Cell Holder

The first and only true four-wire cell holders are available in a variety of sizes including: AAA, AA, C, D, 18650, and 9 Volt. These cell holders provide the most accurate measurements at the cell. Cell holders are mounted on a circuit board with either power pole or phoenix connectors and plug-in directly to the cabinet’s interface.

Maccor Interface Cables

Interface Cables

Cables are Four-wire terminated with power-pole for tester interface, and your choice of alligator clips, spade or ring lugs, banana plugs, or kelvin clips for user interface.    +1 918 446 1874
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