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The multifunction Series 4000 is a range of fully automated, computerized test systems that provide the highest level of specifications and features available in the industry. From the base system that provides the highest level of accuracy and time resolution, features can be added to allow the Series 4000 test system to perform virtually any type of test, with any type of products (i.e. battery materials, batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells, etc.) and chemistries.

The Series 4000 systems are available in sizes from 1 to 192 test channels. Systems are custom manufactured to meet your specific needs. They can be configured with a wide range of voltage and current ranges, and can be fitted with additional hardware to provide a number of optional features and capabilities.

Supplied as a complete turnkey system, the Series 4000 consists of a test cabinet, PC computer and test software, with options of a UPS. The test cabinet and PC computer are connected via a high-speed 10 Base T communications network. As soon as AC power is connected to the test system, it is ready for immediate use.

To provide maximum flexibility and speed of operation, single board computer controllers within the test cabinet provide control of the tests and collect the initial data. Each controller supports from one to eight test channels, dependent on the application. In addition, the test cabinet contains the individually controlled electronic loads, and power supplies for charging purposes.

Each test channel is operated independently. This allows different tests to be performed on different test channels simultaneously, with tests being started independently, or in a block. Once started, tests operate completely automatically until the appropriate test end condition is reached.

The flexibility of the Series 4000 allows it to be used for a wide range of applications such as Materials Research, Portable Electronic Devices, Quality Control in Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Research & Development, Battery Pack Assembly, Battery and Cell Testing, Fuel Cell Testing, Super-Capacitor Testing, Thermal Battery Testing, Qualification Testing, and much much more.


Number of Test Channels: 1 to 192 per system
Voltage Ranges:available up to 180 V maximum
Voltage Accuracy:0.02% of full scale voltage
Voltage Resolution:16 bit
Current Ranges:Single Current Range 1 mA to 2000 A; Four Current Ranges: 150 µA, 5 mA, 150 mA, 5 A
Current Accuracy:0.02% of full scale current on 5 Amp Multi-range channels
Current Accuracy:0.05% of full scale current on all other channels
Current Resolution:16 bit
Time Resolution:10 mS standard, with 5 mS and 1 mS as an option
Minimum Pulse width:100 µS
Rise Time:<500 µS standard in constant current modes, 100 µS or 20 µS optional
Data Recording Rate:200 data points per second per system standard
Data Recording Interval:ΔTime (minimum 10 mS standard, 5 mS and 1 mS as an option), ΔV, ΔI, ΔAh, ΔWh, ΔT, ΔP
Operating Modes:Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power, Constant Resistance, Voltage Scan (Cyclic Voltametry)
Number of Steps per Test:127 standard plus subroutines
Step End Conditions:Voltage, Current, Time, -dV, dV/dT, dV/dt, Ah, Wh, HCAh, HC Wh, LHC Ah, LHC Wh, Auxiliary Voltage, Reference Electrode Voltage, Temperature, dT/dt, dT/dt, pH, Pressure    +1 918 446 1874
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