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The Maccor Series 4000, Model 4200, and Model 4300 Automated Test Systems can be configured with an M option. This option adds a Multiplexer to the test system which allows the channels to be connected to a Princeton Applied Research VersaSTAT4-500 and PARSTAT 4000A or EnergyLab 1260/87 impedance analyzer. With the impedance analyzer connected to the test system via the multiplexer the user can then program impedance tests in the Maccor test procedure which when reached will cause the test system to automatically disconnect the Maccor test channel from the device and connect the impedance analyzer to the device. When the impedance test is completed the test system will then automatically disconnect the impedance analyzer from the device and connect the Maccor test channel back to the device and continue with the programmed test procedure. For the Series 4000 Automated Test System, multiple multiplexers and impedance analyzers may be connected to a single test system. Contact the Maccor sales department with any questions concerning this option and for information concerning other supported models of impedance analyzers.

Integrated System

Problem: You have experiments that need to be performed that include electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) work but have somewhere else to be and do not want to have to return to the lab every time an experiment needs to be moved from the test system to the impedance analyzer.
Solution: With the integrated system the tests will automatically be switched from the test system to the impedance analyzer and then back to the test system with no user intervention required.

Features and Functions

  • Easy to set up and simple to operate.
  • No manual adjustments or setting of dials.
  • Set AC signal amplitude in Peak value.
  • Set Range of Frequency Sweep.
  • Set Number of Frequencies per Decade.
  • View Real Time Data.
  • Plot: Nyquist, Bode, Capacitance, Inductance, Impedance Magnitude, Phase Angle, Real Impedance, Imaginary Impedance.
  • Export data for further analysis on commercially available packages such as Z-Plot.
MACCOR Model 4300M Test System

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