MACCOR - Battery & Cell Test Equipment Worldwide

MACCOR - Battery and Cell Test Equipment Worldwide
MACCOR - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Celebrating Over 37 years

The source for all your battery and cell test equipment needs since 1986!

We’ve Sold More Test Channels
Than All Other Competitors COMBINED

Contact us and find out why.

Test Systems For All Energy Storage Devices

Since 1986, systems supplied by MACCOR remain in everyday, trouble-free operation. Year after year research and industry have grown to depend on MACCOR. As the industry leader, MACCOR has satisfied more than 1,500 customers in over 50 countries.

50,000+ sq ft Facilities

We are located in company owned facilities in the central United States - Tulsa, Oklahoma.    +1 918 446 1874
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